Reasons Why Coworking Miami Is Great For Your Startup

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For an entrepreneur starting up his or her own small business, operating from a coworking space Miami offer several advantages not only for the entrepreneur, but also for their startup. In the early stages of business, it is advisable that you embrace being a part of a community that shares economy. This means that coworking is the best way to go instead of renting a traditional storefront.

There are a number of goodness that coworking Miami offers to entrepreneurs and their startups. These are just but a few of them.


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It has improved facilities

A home office or a coffee shop can present you with a lot of challenges to professionalism. Obvious challenges may include non-business interruptions and noise. Coworking space usually come complete with everything you need in order to get your job done.

For instance, coworking space Miami comes complete with an abundance of quality power sockets, plenty of desk space, high speed Wi-Fi connections, and functional furniture and much more. Besides, free snacks, coffee, and tee and often included into the deal at any great coworking space Miami.

You will get the job done happily

Contrary to what some people believe, coworking space Miami do not present distractions which can make it difficult to get the work done. Besides, some people are worried that they might spend a lot of time waiting to use a piece of equipment or certain rooms because it is a shared environment.

Surprisingly, coworking spaces offers entrepreneurs a surprising amount of rooms and equipments that contradict all these. In fact, more than 92 percent of workers in Miami report that they are satisfied working in coworking environments. They say that they can focus on their job fully and get the job done on time. Besides, more than 70 percent of workers say that they feel healthier and happier working in coworking spaces.

It saves you a lot of money

When you rent a private office, you will still pay for the internet and utilities, and buy office furniture, and computers among other tech gargets. When you add these to the bill, you will end up spending a lot of money. This is where coworking comes in to save you. When you opt for coworking space Miami, you will receive a workplace that is based on a big building equipped with amenities like break rooms, Wi-Fi, and meeting rooms and so on.

Look FQA for more info. You will also be able to use printers, fax machines and other office equipment. What’s more, you won’t have to pay for cleaning services. The good news is, there are so many coworking spaces in Miami. All you need to do is perform a simple Google search for “coworking space near me” and you will get a long list of options. Coworking Miami is the best way to save money and get work done happily and efficiently.

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How To Choose A Virtual Office

August 31, 2018Blog

A Virtual Office by definition is: have an office address without an office space, could that ever be possible? Yes, it is, and that is exactly what a virtual office is.

This is the 21st century, the age where things are fast evolving. Unlike an executive suite which has a physical office building, virtual office has no physical building. A virtual office is a modern phenomenon and has positively affected today’s business society. To an extent, a virtual office is changing the way we all see business ventures. This business world has been so modernized resulting from the collision between the information age and technological age.

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Virtual Office Doral / Miami

Virtual offices in Miami or USA at large has become so commonly used by big organizations.  It is also pursued actively by non-American looking to open a company in the USA been a world power and very good place for business.

It may interest you: How to open a business in the USA

In fact, when you apply for your company registration in the USA, a virtual office is very well recognized. In this age, when seeking for the knowledge of how to start a business or setting up an LLC in the USA, many people are still ignorant of the importance of setting up a virtual office which would have helped hasten the growth of their business.

Categories of workers who make use of virtual offices include

Virtual Assistant Services

They work in their comfort, from home. Are known as a lone eagle who might never have a direct physical contact with their client.

The mostly only communicate their clients via technological materials such as the mobile phone and laptop meaning they rarely have a one on one physical interaction with whom they are dealing with.

Remote Receptionist

This involves a group of workers, working as a team in an office environment without a traditional receptionist. They employ the use of high technology computer telephone integrated software rather than the common practice which involves the use of receptionist.

Importance of virtual office

Prestigious Address

You can own an address in a prestigious and classic location of your choice with a cheap rental fee. Such an address is based on the concept of virtual office. This is exactly what many fast-growing businesses do today because it’s so economical, modern and reduces stress.

Just like a call centre or network customer care which has a major or centralized location that serves a large number of customers without the stress of running around or the need for such customer to head down to a particular office allocated for problem-solving.

Business in Miami, Doral and USA

Addresses sometimes in itself advertise the business. There are customers who judge the quality of goods or services expected from a particular organization based on their location.

In other to make the people of a particular region feel the presence of a business in their locality, a virtual office address of that region is sometimes enough to convince the residents of that region to patronize particular goods or services rendered by the organization.

Some virtual office near you serves this purpose.

Factors to consider when choosing a virtual office

Even though there are many places to choose for your virtual office, you still need to be very careful during your selection to ensure you choose just the best one that suits your business. Study the following guidelines well, as they will surely help you make the right selection.

  • Business type: The type of business you operate should be directly proportional to the area where you site your virtual office. Each business has its own unique office location that suits it. Study your business well to understand where exactly to site your virtual office.
  • Location: This is, in fact, the most important of all the factors. A classic and prestigious virtual office location attracts the attention of your customers. Some customers base the image of your firm on its location, once you choose a wrong location, then the essence of the virtual office has crumbled already.
  • Cost: During your search for your virtual office address, a major factor that needs to be considered is cost. Even though a good location is great, you need to be financially cautious too in order to prevent cash wastage. Always remember that the target of every business is to make a profit and it will be totally out of sense to spend more than expected on office location alone. If your business is still at its tender stage, it is advisable you go for a cost-friendly virtual office and you can gradually progress to get one in a prestigious location later on.
  • Technology: Even if you won’t really be at your virtual office. It is still very important that you make it look real as much as possible. This means, your virtual office should best be located in a place where satellite coverage is not an issue to worry about, as you know there are lots of activities you will have to do using technological gadgets and network. A location where the accessibility of such things is not well guaranteed is not the perfect place for a virtual office. As it will easily let your potential clients know staying around this location does not make sense. This could raise a lot of questions and might make you lose potential clients. For a particular location to be acceptable for your office, it must allow you access to a strong phone line network, printing and faxing services and a High-speed Internet connection. A virtual office with an address in Miami and some other great places in the US will give you access to most of these things.
  • Convenience: This is one of the motives for choosing a virtual office and once it’s ruled out, then it’s of no need or rendered useless. Many people overlook this factor, but they later blame themselves when stress sets in.
  • Lease agreement: This is the last and most important factor to consider when choosing a perfect location for your virtual office. Take your time to study the terms and conditions of the place you are about to secure before signing to avoid using your own hand to bind yourself.

Choose The Best Coworking Miami

August 31, 2018Blog

Best coworking miami

As convenient as it is to create a home office for one’s small startup business, it may be advised to get a coworking space located outside of one’s home.

This will not only help to reduce distractions, it will also inevitably increasing profit maximization which is the number one focus of any business owner.

Getting a coworking space can, however, be quite a lot to take for small businesses in terms of finances. This is why it pays to pick a coworking space that fits your budgets and other important factors.

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Coworking Space Definition:

A coworking space can be simply defined as the arrangement of setting up a work environment (presenting an office) by individual contractors, under different employers and with different business interests.

Coworking has grown to become a trending topic in the business world recently and it is an option actively employed by most start-up and existing business organizations.

The idea is to add more manpower to their workforce at the cheapest possible rates.

Considering the limitations and the cost that arises with privately owning one’s office, coworking becomes a viable alternative.

Although some business owners may be keen on their privacy, there are quite a number of benefits aside from the obvious cost saving effect that can make them change their minds.

These factors include; effectiveness as a result of being able to share ideas, networking, possible publicity depending on the area, structuring of one’s business and so much more.

Just like a normal office environment, a lot of attention needs to be paid, when it comes to selecting the perfect coworkspace. The reason for this is that; a perfectly chosen coworking environment can help boost the productivity and a bad one will just do the opposite of that.

It is clearly no doubt that a good working environment is healthy for any kind of enterprise as it helps the workers to maximize their potentials. As promising as this seems, choosing a great working space can be an important yet challenging task. There are a lot of considerations to be made before finally settling on a space.

The following are a list of such considerations/ criteria:

What the building/working space has to offer

There are certain standard types of equipment which are necessary for every office setting. However, it will be an added bonus if the coworking space has extra amenities like conference rooms, projectors, phone rooms etc.

Some coworking space might even go as far as having restaurants, sporting facilities and relaxation centres for networking.

This is one of the important criteria anyone looking at coworking should consider when it comes to selecting the best coworking spaces.

The ambience

The environment a coworking space is located is another factor to consider. If possible, it is always good to check out the kind of companies you might be sharing your coworking space with.

This is very important to determine how those organisations will affect your’s either positively or negatively. And also to know if it will be competitive or passive.

Also, you need to ask yourself the following questions; Is the coworking space for creative freelancers, or for entrepreneurs or it allows a mixture of both? Will networking with your coworking space colleagues increase or inhibit your productivity?

The answers to these questions and some other should be well answered when determining the perfect office space for you. You should never jump into conclusion when finding answers to these questions and most importantly, you should never make your decision simply based on sentiment.

Your company’s stage

This should probably be the first thing to consider. Are you just starting up your business or you have been working for a while and looking to expand?.

Do you want to expand your team or simply gather them? Are you mainly looking to connect? In all these situations, a coworking space can still be considered.

Nevertheless, the different needs and wants will determine which to choose in the many coworking space options that one may have.

The future

The appeal of wanting to share a coworking space might seem like a very bright idea now, but it is important to consider how the business would be in the nearest future.

Would it still be okay to share working space or would the business have outgrown the space? If not, then sharing may not be an excellent idea as it would be an inconvenience to start looking for another appropriate space suited for your business.

The location and the logistics

All businesses require clients so it is paramount that clients have easy access to wherever you have chosen. You also have to check its accessibilities to potential business partners.

Ensuring this is not only going to be suitable and beneficial for the team you will work with, it will also be cost efficient in terms of reduced transportation fees, fatigue and stress.

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How To Choose Private Office Space Miami

August 31, 2018 Blog

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What Is A Working Space?

A Workspace is a term for a small environment, compound, building, or space that is gotten mostly from an economic development agency or local authority by new business owners to help their businesses get established.

A workspace provides

  • The physical space,
  • Administrative services,
  • Utilities,
  • Links to support
  • And finance organizations,
  • And peer support between the tenants.

You can decide to search for a workspace all by yourself, but the search for a good private working space can become really difficult and if care is not taken, you are likely to get distracted, stressed out and frustrated.

Therefore, It is always better to contact a real estate agent who definitely has more resources when it comes to getting the right working space and time to do so. This will help save you time, energy and even money.

When getting a private working space, there are certain questions you have to ask yourself. The answers to your questions determine the kind of property you get for your private working space.

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Some of these questions are:

Are You Buying Or Leasing?

This is one of the first questions you need to ask yourself. The reply to this question determines a lot. There are different advantages and disadvantages to buying or leasing a property for a workspace.

Certain other factors would also determine if it’s best you lease or buy. For a new private practice, leasing is what feels best, as the resources required to purchase a property for a private working space may not be available.

In the case whereby you have access to funding, it could be smarter to invest that money in your business, and as it grows, you can then start thinking of acquiring a permanent site for the business.

On the other hand, for an already established business, it may be better to just go ahead and buy your private working space, as this may help expand the business and help build equity while the business grows.


When getting a private working space, you need to be sure how long you intend on running the business and how long you intend on using the property you are about to get. If this is not properly thought out, you might end up switching places in no short time.

This can become a problem for the new businesses especially, as you can lose your clients. So duration is very important when choosing a private working space.

Be Specific

Another important factor is for you to know exactly what kind of property you are in need of. It is easier to pick a particular property once you already have in mind what you need or the kind of property you want to use for your business.

Your Budget

The amount of funds available is a key factor that determines the kind of private working space you will acquire.  This is because, it being a private working space, means it will be funded solely by you.

Funding is something even big and established business find hard to come by and still have to manage, therefore, you have to be strict with your budget as you don’t want this to affect the business finances.

Additional Cost

Keep it in mind that you are sure to spend extra once you pay for the working space that has been acquired. You may need to spend on renovating the newly acquired property, purchase the needed amenities for the business to be functional, or for some other things to make the business grow like utility cost.

So you have to make plans ahead for these additional costs.

Be Prepared to Negotiate

In a bid to cut cost, you have to be able to negotiate based on your budget. You should be able to include terms and conditions that will favour you, the business and your budget in the long run.

Apart from negotiating the asking price of the property, other things to negotiate include; utilities, on-site security, landscaping and maintenance, cleaning and other negotiable services.

All this and more should be considered when picking the location for your private working space.

Consider The location

You need to consider the location of the property before choosing it. The location of the property for your private working space must be conducive enough for you and more importantly, for the business.

The location of the property for a private working space determines a lot in the growth and success of that business.

You also have to consider the businesses around the property.

  • Are there other businesses around the area that may discourage the growth of your business?
  • Is the area customer friendly?
  • Will there be competition?
  • If there is competition, can you handle it?.

Focus On Visibility

The essence of business is to make sales, so you have to be strategic when planning a private working space in order to make appropriate sales that help the business grow.

If your working space is in a strategically visible place, it could easily attract clients to the business and create the right traffic needed.

Office Rental Services Doral
 Office Rental Services Miami

Pay Attention To Your Ideal Client

Your clients are the most important part of the business because, without them, the business fails.

When choosing your working space, how the property and location appeal to your clients should constantly be on your mind.

Majority of the things you need to consider when choosing your private working space can be sorted out if you work with a real estate agent who has more experience in the field.

This makes choosing your private working space easier for you. Another thing to consider before signing any contract is to get a real estate attorney.

The real estate attorney will help go through the documents, as he or she looks out for your best interest. This helps you avoid making legal mistakes, as well as having the right property for your business.

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How to opening a business in florida

August 31, 2018Blog

You need to consider the location of the property before choosing it. The location of the property for your private working space must be conducive enough for you and more importantly, for the business.

The location of the property for a private working space determines a lot in the growth and success of that business.

It has the perfect population, perfect exposure and perfect market size.

Steps to take for anyone intending to start a business in Florida:

Virtual Office Rental Services Doral

Decide on a Business Structure

After researching on how to start your own business, the next step is to choose a good business structure that works well for you and your type of business.

There are three basic structures you can use to start your business in Florida.

These structures are:

  • Doing Business As (DBA), a Corporation or an LLC: A “DBA” is also known as a Fictitious Business Name (FBN). This is a made up name that the business owners or partners use as their business name.
  • A Corporation: This structure provides liability protection to the owners of the business. It is usually made up of the shareholders, directors and officers. This structure is more complex than a DBA but is the best structure for large companies with the aim of raising funds. A Professional Corporation (PC) is a special cooperation for professionals like lawyers, architects, doctors and so on.
  • An LLC: The Limited Liability Company is the most commonly used structure, this is because it is easy and it does not require officers and directors. The taxation of this structure is easy to manage. LLC in the USA also provides liability protection for the business owners.

Choose a business name

The next step after choosing a good business structure is the choice of a good business name.

Picking a name for your business might not be as easy as you think as there many things to consider, in order to avoid legal issues in the future.

A unique and easy to pronounce name is advisable for new businesses. Also, using an already existing company’s name should be avoided by thoroughly searching to know if the name you chose has not been taken.

Virtual Office Rental Services Doral

Registration of the business

After getting a suitable business name, the next thing is to proceed to the registration of the business. The first step to take, is to file the necessary paperwork, either through mail or electronic means with the Florida Department of State Division of Corporations.

After that get a registered Agent, as this is a necessary requirement for every Corporations and LLC in the state.

The Agent provides their address and sends any important documents to you.

Get your Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)

It is important for every LLC and corporations to get their FEIN. This identity number act has a social security number, that protects registered businesses against identity theft.

Get a business license

A business license refers to an authorization that allows you to do business in a particular city or state. After registering the company, the next step is to get a business license.

The registration for state taxes and permits is also a part of the licensing process.

How to open a company in the USA as a non-resident

A non-resident of the United States also has the opportunity of starting a business in the country. It might be a little difficult as having a business in the USA doesn’t actually guarantee living there, hence, difficulty in monitoring it.

A business plan must be created and some steps must be taken when starting a business in the USA for nonresident.

Know the kinds of corporate structures that can be opened in the US by a non-resident

The only structures available for a non-resident to open a business in the US are the LLC and Corporation. Therefore, choose the one suitable for your business.

The C- corporation is a type of cooperation for non-citizens but the LLC is highly recommended for businesses because it provides the business owners with liability protections.

Get a visa to live in the US

This is not entirely necessary as businesses could be successfully set up in the US without the constant physical presence of the business owner. There are numerous visa options that the business owner can choose from.

Register the company

Choose an advisor to accompany you in the process of registering your company. Registering a company in the USA involves picking a very good state with enough resource to support your business, just like; Florida. Then, choose a unique and available name for the company. After this, you proceed to get an agent and register the business, then proceed to get a Federal Employer Identity Number and a business license.

This covers the basic steps required to start a business in Florida, USA.

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